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Wowza consultants

SparkSupport provides a complete range of advanced, dynamic and Customized Wowza consultation service, catering a diverse client base - from enterprise broadcasters to individual internet streamers. We have expert engineers who can set up entire video infrastructure for your enterprise which is backed by 24*7 Wowza live streaming IT infrastructure management support. Video streaming is now an integral part of any communication that is happening online. IT infrastructure management required to deliver hassle-free video streaming services is quite complex, our expertize and experience makes it easy for customers to meet these requirements. Following are some of the video sharing services from us

video on demand services

Custom Wowza Modules

Our Wowza support team has expert java developers, who can provde custom wowza modules using API provided by Wowza.

video on demand services

Wowza Video On Demand

Design and build infrastructure for Wowza live streaming Platforms with upload and multi-bitrate file encoding and playback the videos on all devices including mobiles, PC, etc.

quick video hosting

Live 24/7 Streaming

Live video streaming is rated as one of the most effective ways to engage with your audience. We set up best grounds for Live channels, live video transcoding with recording.

catch up tv

Catchup Tv

Recording of live streams and playback of the streams or events at a future time. Archived streams can be played back at different times in different timezones

ip stream

IPCamera Streaming

Stream IPCAM streams live over to servers and watch the Wowza live streaming from any device in any remote location.

iptv network


24/7 channels live or archived videos scheduled to play at various times through the Internet. Build and compile custom Middleware solution for Internet television or IPTV service providers.

ipcam stream

Wowza Mobcasting

Streaming all video events live with Mobile devices with the help of Wowza consultants, Wowza live streaming app will simultaneously stream content to PC or laptops and streamed to the web.

ipcam stream

Pay Per View

A setup for controlling the media, where a user can view an event or a live stream if he wishes to make a payment. This is a custom-built module for Wowza cloud which can be applied to any streaming infrastructure backed by a Wowza streaming engine

ipcam stream

Radio Streaming

Streaming audio content from SHOUTcast servers or ICEcast servers and restream it the web to create online radio stations with the help of Wowza consultants.

ipcam stream

Wowza professional service solution

We provide end-to-end solutions for the Wowza streaming engine. We are capable of design, develop, modify and produce various media streaming infrastructure by integration with various web framework applications like Laravel, Django, Ruby on Rails.

wowza live streaming

Wowza consultation service

Basic consultation on choosing the best Wowza product and providing server specifications to deploy according to requirement of the project. Wowza live streaming troubleshooting is also part of the consultation to check the server and alter it to avoid future issues.

How we operate ?


All the requirements are collected from the customer and enlighten him with the best wowza technologies that can be used to satisfy his present and future needs.


Our Wowza consultants, developers, and graphic designer work hand in hand to design the Application.

Prototype Delivery

This is very important in the development process because only at this point customer and the development team gets a thorough understanding of the requirements. We also collect the feedback for the addition or deletion of features.


Our Wowza consultants provide support, maintenance and feature addition to the product.


The final application is built as per the requirements finalized. Wowza live streaming technologies, media players and security will be implemented by Wowza consultants, development by coders, Graphics by our expert designers.


Wowza support provides full-fledged testing which will ensure that the application is stable and production-ready.

Technical Documenation

A detailed documentation of the project will be handed over to the customer.