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Spark Eduportal

Spark Eduportal is the first learning management system india that provides 100% secure videos and Live Webcasting. It focuses on custom Videos created by tutors rather than text or ppt contents. To enhance the learning pace we provide Real-time collaboration tools and whiteboard. If there is a need for one to one interaction Edu portal has the option of a live video conference. Every activity should be monitored and we have complete user statistics for the authorized people to track the progress. Our product enables the pupils who have only access to the Internet with an opportunity to learn.

Spark Eduportal?

Our product Spark Eduportal is India’s first secure Recorded and Live Video content-based learning management system in education. It provides a Simple, Easy and Self Paced Learning platform to its users. It can be considered as a Parallel learning solution apart from the traditional methods. It augments the speed at which the students can learn about different subjects.


Course Management

Features of e learning system, No technical expertise required. Add rich course content (Audio/Video) Drag and Drop sections and reorder contents

User And Group Management

LMS allows creating multiple groups from the user list Assign courses with ease Schedule events for each group or user


Edu portal provides insightful and actionable reports Access custom data report All user roles has access to reports

Assessment Tests

LMS portal Ease in creating Tests Automated evaluation of Scores. No restriction in the Test creation.

Video Conference

Our Virtual learning management system provides, HD quality Audio and Video Share Desktop and chat Whiteboard to teach realtime


All videos are not downloadable in the Edu portal, User login can’t be shared. Stringent authentication rules.


Rewards students with certification Awards it after passing final Test Certificates are downloadable at Edu portal

Self Paced Learning

Watch course videos anytime, anywhere Use any device to access Edu portal Initiate discussion with tutor to clear doubts

Latest Technology

Our learning management system in education adopts the latest streaming technology. HD videos converted to a multi-bit rate. Videos are delivered to all end devices.

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Spark Eduportal

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