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Devops Consultation

For every software release cycle to succeed there should be a shared responsibility among all stakeholders who are involved, like developers, operation team, server team etc, and for that very purpose Devops Consultation have to be implemented. Devops practice of Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery will streamline and increase software delivery velocity, improve service reliability and ultimately makes it auditable. DevOps allows for quicker, more consistent application releases than traditional development processes

Why choose Spark Devops Engineers?

We have been the frontrunner in helping companies to adapt Devops so that they are following the best practices right from process transformation to delivery pipeline management.

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Helps to migrate to Cloud native to container environments?

We migrated many production applications from legacy platforms into Cloud or Container environments. We assess the infrastructure and applications , then architect the target Cloud or Container ecosystem with the minimal changes in application stack. Sometimes the app needs to be distributed to take the full advantage of a cloud or container cluster, we could suggest the changes that need to be done at application level with minimal impact on the current implementation aspects. Some application components need tight coordination to keep the integrity of the system and we can introduce custom service discovery and coordination logic that fits best for the application, leveraging the flexibility of dynamic scaling nature of the underlying cloud or container ecosystem.

Our Devops Tools

Configuration as a code

Our Devops Engineers make use of configuration management tools like Ansible and Chef for managing and configuring from a bare metal OS

into a fully functional node like a swarm host node.It helps in automating,accelerating and Integrating and provides an auditable life cycle for the entire process. We are using events from them to correlate other facts. For example, application deploy events from ansible can be easily correlated with a sudden spike in same application logs, also in it’s resource consumption. We developed many custom Ansible modules to meet the requirement in a most suitable way. Custom modules will give infinite possibilities with such configuration management tools.


Once you Hire Devops Engineer, he can implement the advantages of Docker. The entire CI/CD process of Devops can be done using Docker containers. The containers make life

easy for the developers as they can pick it and run with ease. In a couple of years before, docker was only popular in test environments, but today many staging to production environments are using applications as docker containers. Containerization is the best suitable resource isolation solution for microservices concepts and Docker is the most popular container tool

CI /CD server

Spark's Devops Engineers team working as Remote Devops Engineers can configure and implement the orchestration tools like Jenkins , Crircle CI, Travis etc.

These tools are widely known for its capability in the automation of creating builds , testing and deployments. They are so powerful that they have a very vital role in Devops automations. Jenkins has a very rich plugin ecosystem, which helps to integrate the build and deploy process into other tools like sonarqube, dependency tracker , and many other testing platforms. Cirlcle CI is more of a cloud native build and deploy solution , which is really easy to integrate with IOS and Android build and release cycles.

ELK stack

Spark enables you to Hire Devops developers can implement ELK Stack. Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana combined solution is the most common log analytics solution in the

modern IT world.It collects logs from all services, applications, networks, tools, servers, and more in an environment into a single, centralized location for processing and analysis. There are many tools like logsput to export the container logs into elasticsearch. We can customize the labels and filters to enhance and filter the log content. We are customizing the container log exporters at many levels for meeting particular needs. .

Docker Swarm

Our Devops Developers implemented Docker for the ease of developers but when the application gets complex and needs to use dockers on different host machines then there

is a need to have a controller. Docker swarm does that, it acts as an orchestration tool for all the docker engines running on different hosts and lets you use them together. The application can have many replicas deployed across many docker hosts and can be loadbalanced with docker native solutions or our custom solutions. Swarm provides different networking solutions as well. We have a very good networking team who can handle complex networking needs with swarm clusters.


when your services are deployed across many stacks and clusters , it would be a pain to monitor them using the conventional monitoring solutions.

There are many monitoring solutions which are adapted for the docker ecosystem and our Devops Engineers have very good experience with them. We have done many customization in Prometheus , Grafana, and Alertmanager stacks and wrote many custom exporters for exporting application metrics into Prometheus.We are tracking many application and cluster related events and correlating them in visualizing tools like Grafana, which really helps to relate spikes and dips and alerts into meaningful events.

Version controllers

Spark Devops Developers believes that without a distributed versioning controlling system like Git and SVN, the Devops practices won't be complete.

It has fully-functional local repositories that make it easy to work offline or remotely. Other than Version controlling they have a very crucial role in Devops operations. Git and SVN hooks are really helpful to track different events from Version controllers.


Our Remote Devops team can make use of Kubernetes which is bit more advanced than Docker swarm. It is again an orchestration tool to manage the containers. It can scale up and down the application containers with zero downtime.

Intelligent log analysis

Our Remote Devops Engineers can do Custom modifications to the centralized logging stack ELK and monitoring stack like Prometheus will help to pick the anomalies in logs using predefined rules and promptly alert and help concerned team to proactively act on the issue even before noticed by the end users.

Tools for Docker ecosystem:

Spark Devops Engineers is experienced with many tools which are there to meet particular needs of a production ready docker cluster. Some of them are, Traefik, Caddy. Nodeexporter, logsout, Cadvisor, Proxysql, Consul , etc..