There might be plenty of reasons why you want to have custom ostemplate

Here is the method you can create it, assuming that you have already installed a ostemplate in your node and its name is centOS

cp -rpf /vz/template/centOS /vz/template/centOScustom

It will take some minutes

now traverse through the directories until you reach the folder named “default”

cd /vz/template/centOScustom/5/x86/config/os/default

There you can customize the files


Now if you issue the command vzpkg list -O

you will see the name centOScustom

Time to create the pkg cache

vzpkg create cache centOScustom-5-x86

This will create a tar file in /vz/template/cache/centOScustom-5-x86.tar.gz

create a vps with our new template

vzctl create 222 --ostemplate centOScustom-5-x86 --ipadd youripaddress 
 vzctl start 222 

Good to go now..

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