What if your Windows-Plesk server got crashed and surprisingly you see you don’t have a plesk backup to restore. The only option remain then is to copy the plesk database, domains data, mail data, configurations,mysql databases,mssql database manually from the crashed hard drive.

This article explains to how to recover data from a crashed windows-plesk server.

I assume you are using plesk with mailserver as MailEnable.If you are using any other mailserver other MailEnable you have to follow their support sections to get the corresponding commands to restore the mail data’s.

Follow the steps to complete the recovery of domains from a crashed windows-server to a new server. Remember here is what you have

.a hard drive with a windows OS installed.
.the old crashed hard drive.

1) Find the version of Plesk the server had earlier:

Open the file “[Old drive]:\Program Files\Swsoft\Plesk\version” to know the plesk version you had installed.

2) Download the same version of plesk from swsoft.com and install it.

For Plesk 7 series ftp://download1.swsoft.com/Plesk/Plesk7/Windows

For Plesk 7.5.* series ftp://download1.swsoft.com/Plesk/Plesk7.5/Windows/

For Plesk 7.5.6 series http://www.swsoft.com/en/download/plesk75win/

Installation Instruction of plesk is out of scope of this article, please refer the swsoft installation manuall to know about it.

3) Obtain the old license key.

PSA key is stored in Registry. If only you have backup of the registry of old plesk, you will be able to obtain the key. Path to key in registry is:



If you don't have registry backup, you should probably contact your NOC and ask them to get a renewed plesk license for your server.

<strong>4) Obtain old psa database.</strong>

If you have a psa backup in .sql format, restore it as "psa" database.

>%NEW_plesk_bin%mysql -u admin -p"psa_password psa < psa_backup.sql

If you don’t have a plesk backup, copy the

%OLD_plesk_dir%/mysql/Data/psa as %NEW_plesk_dir%/mysql/Data/psa.

5) Now its time to use Plesk Reconfigurator Tool.

You can find it in the Start menu, under the swsoft–>plesk section. Plesk Reconfigurator creates the users and groups required for proper functioning of Plesk, Plesk services, and sets the proper security settings for files and folders created and used by the Plesk software.

Plesk Reconfigurator also checks and corrects permissions for the following folders








Also, for folders %plesk_dir%, %SystemRoot%\temp permissions for their content are checked.

7) Now, we are going to restore VirtualHost,Database from old drive to the newly installed hard drive.

a)Copying VirtualHost directory. 
>copy [Old_drive]:\inetpub\vhosts to [New_Drive]:\inetpub\vhosts\

b)Copying Databases. 
>copy [Old_Drive]:\Program files\swsoft\plesk\Databases\mysql\Data 

                [New_Drive]:\Program files\swsoft\plesk\Databases\mysql\Data

8)Now, move to the following folder:

 >cd [New_Drive]:\%plesk_dir%\admin\
And run the command
>websrvmng.exe --reconfigure-all

This command will recreate the domains in IIS and Create DNS db files and will reset the permission of the virtualhost folders under each domains.
This will take some time. Now go and have a cappuccino with a sandwich and relax 🙂

All your VirtualHosts are now restored, 75% of your work is now completed.

19) Restoring the Mail accounts.

I suppose you have installed MailEnable as MailServer.

a) Copy the MailEnable PostOffices to the new server.

    >copy [Old_Drive]:\%plesk_dir%/MailServer/MailEnbale/PostOffice 


b) Copy the MailEnable config folder to the new server. 
    >copy [Old_Drive]:\%plesk_dir%/MailServer/MailEnbale/config 


c) Use MEInstaller.exe 
Run the MEInstaller.exe command to add all the MailEnable email accounts and set the mail folder permissions.
>cd [New_Drive]:\%plesk_dir%/MailServer/MailEnbale/Bin/


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