It has been a while I have done blogging and today I got a perfect topic, which according to me one of the intriguing question in the mind of every online business man. My article specifically address the companies in India who provides Software development and infrastructure Support.

At the outset of 2012 India has already acclaimed as the best country to provide IT related services. There are enough brands to prove this claim, Wipro, Infosys, TCS etc. West already knows these companies can give a huge traction to their business if they engage with these companies, but what about smaller players who wants to run their online business and their budgets are limited to few thousands dollars. Its obvious that they can’t approach these big companies and its hard for them to identify trust-able small players either, who can provide quality service for their business.

Companies like SparkSupport fill this gap. So what should be the ideal checklist for a businessman who wants to engage with an offshore business partner. Its easy to get the websites of the companies providing the services of his requirement and now he should start communicating with them. From the initial conversation he should get a basic picture of the company structure.

In India a Private Limited Company will give you an authenticity that company is existing. Try to avoid Partnership or Proprietorship they will have no liabilities and they can shut down any day. Only people who are serious about their business will register as a Private Limited Company.

Always start with a pilot project. You can gauge the following qualities in the pilot project.


As the word denotes you should be filled with confidence that this company deliver what they have promised. If you have given only a part of the major project, by now you should be able to analyse how good is the team to handle the whole project.


You would have chosen either hourly billing or dedicated staff for the project you have outsourced. Whatever be the case to know the project status you shouldn’t call them up, if the company has got a process they would intimate you with daily updates what all things completed and what all left. If the company provides this without asserting upon this point, then you can assume this company is worth.


In any projects communication is really important. Requirements are susceptible to changes and you might have identified some drastic changes which you want in the project. Its not easy for you to communicate this to your team as they will come up with lot of arguments to block your desire. But you should understand you are the business man and you know the real game of making money better than anyone else. You know when, where and how to spend your money on something and you know how to reap money out of it. But its very difficult for the developers or coders to understand and they are the least educated about running a business. These situations makes it really hard for you  though you are ready to revise your budget to make it happen. So the point here is you should have other people  who are in the management of the company with whom you can talk to and who understands you better than the coders.

Diverse Skill-set

The company you choose should have a diverse portfolio. It won’t be easier for you to run around different companies to complete a project. Moreover signing NDA , SLA with all these companies will be cumbersome. If the chosen company has diverse skill set other than coding then it will be much convenient for you in completing the project. Take the scenario that you have decided to build an online webstore. Other then coding the project requires,  a hosting space to host the site,  a team to help you with the deployment, a team to design your store , an advanced team if you decide to host it in a cloud environment etc. So always look out for companies who can provide you all this.

By the above points you can now weed out the incompetent ones and choose the best company with whom you can build a strong relationship which lasts forever.

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